Why can’t retired but fit clinicians be part of a national health corporation that would allow those with an active state license the opportunity to provide health care in areas of need without having to apply for a license from another state? A pool of retired clinicians is an asset that could be available to help the needy.
—Albert Gersing, MD, Banner Elk, N.C.

This is a great suggestion. Other nations have been more active in using this asset pool to service needy groups in their countries. One factor: state jealousies. The state licensure programs often regard each other with suspicion. There are anticompetitive overtones, too, as clinicians who serve these populations through existing government programs suspect incoming physicians might take their work away from them. The Indian Health Service does use clinicians in the manner suggested (across state lines), but this is a limited program serving a limited population.
—David S. Starr, MD, JD (109-15)

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