Derm Dx

DermDx: Pigskin-Like Rash on Neck

A 5-year-old Hispanic girl is evaluated for a growth on her neck. Her parents state that the lesion has been present since birth and continues to increase in size proportionate to her growth.

DermDx: Flesh-Colored Lesion Above Lip

A 57-year-old woman requests removal of a small flesh-colored lesion above her lip, which she reports has been present for several years. What is the most likely diagnosis?

DermDx: Growth on Finger

A 50-year-old man requests removal of a growth on his finger that was unsuccessfully treated at another practice with liquid nitrogen. What is the likely diagnosis?

DermDx: Growth on Neck

A 76-year-old woman presents for removal of a growth on her neck that was first noted 2 months ago. Can you make the diagnosis?
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