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OrthoDx: Isolated Ulnar Styloid Fracture

A 22-year-old woman presents with right wrist pain after being involved in an altercation the day before. She reports being struck on the wrist and immediately had pain and difficulty lifting the right hand. What is the best treatment option?

OrthoDx: Peroneal Tendonitis

A 55-year-old mail carrier presents with a complaint of swelling along the posterior fibula of the right ankle, which is diagnosed as peroneal tendonitis. What is the best treatment option?

OrthoDx: Bony Growth Near Elbow

A 16-year-old adolescent presents with right elbow pain after a fall 2 days ago. Radiographs of the elbow show no evidence of a fracture. What characteristic of the mass found on the radiograph helps confirm the diagnosis?

OrthoDx: Bony Mallet Finger

A 25-year-old man presents with pain to his left small finger, which he is unable to fully extend. What is the best treatment option?
avulsion fracture

OrthoDx: Right Foot Pain

A 40-year-old man presents with severe right foot pain after tripping at his home 2 days ago. What is the best treatment option?

OrthoDx: Foreign Body in Toe

A 25-year-old man presents with right foot pain after stepping on a pencil tip, which pierced his second toe in a plantar to dorsal direction. Which is the best indication for foreign body removal?

OrthoDx: Metatarsal Fractures

A 35-year-old man presents with left foot pain after tripping up the stairs 2 days ago. He has developed pain and swelling and cannot put weight on his left foot. What is your diagnosis?

OrthoDx: Heberden Node

A 70-year-old woman presents with left middle finger pain that has been present for several months. What is the best treatment?

OrthoDx: Flexor Tendon and Digital Nerve Laceration

A 16-year-old teenager presents to the office after sustaining a laceration to his left ring finger. Examination finds very limited flexion of the proximal interphalangeal (PIP) joint and no active flexion of the distal interphalangeal (DIP) joint.

OrthoDx: Repeated Shoulder Dislocations

A 30-year-old electrician presents with recurrent right shoulder pain and instability after undergoing a Bankart repair 3 years ago. Recent MRI reveals a moderate Hill-Sachs lesion. What is the best treatment option?
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