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OrthoDx: Pain in DIP Joint of Ring Finger

A 64-year-old woman presents with finger pain after a fall in which the distal interphalangeal (DIP) joint of her ring finger took the brunt of the fall. What is the best treatment option?

OrthoDx: Knee Pain After Twisting Injury

A 33-year-old man presents to the office with left knee pain that started 3 weeks earlier. The patient notes that he was sprinting when he experienced a noncontact twisting injury to the knee. What is the best treatment option?

OrthoDx: Lower Back Pain in Lacrosse Player

An 18-year-old athlete with chronic lower back pain for over a year reports new-onset pain and weakness down the right leg that started a few months ago. What is the most likely diagnosis?

OrthoDx: Left Knee Pain in Older Woman

An 82-year-old woman presents with a 4-month history of left knee pain. She denies a known injury or precipitating event and previous treatments have not helped. What is the likely cause of her pain?

OrthoDx: Fingertip Amputations

A 65-year-old man presents to the emergency department with fingertip amputations to the thumb, index, and middle fingers after a table saw injury that occurred 2 hours earlier. What is the best treatment option?

OrthoDx: Fingertip Sensitivity

A 56-year-old mechanic presents to the office 4 weeks after experiencing a crush injury to his left index finger. He reports working in the garage when a heavy object came down suddenly on the tip of the finger. What is the best treatment option?
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