How much money do you make? It’s the question everyone wants to know the answer to but is too polite to ask. So The Clinical Advisor asked it for you. Thanks to the more than 5,000 nurse practitioners and physician assistants who took the time to complete our first-ever salary survey, you can now see how your salary stacks up against that of your peers. But beyond the voyeuristic appeal of peeking at someone else’s tax return, this endeavor provided a few surprises.

Practice area

Among both NP (Table 1) and PA (Table 2) respondents, family/adult medicine was the most common practice area listed. The area with the highest average salary for NPs was oncology/hematology; for PAs, dermatology was far and away the most lucrative.

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Surprisingly, experience had little bearing on salary among NPs beyond the first five years of practice (Table 3). The effect was a bit more pronounced in PAs (Table 4), but not by much.