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PHILADELPHIA – A new point-of-care resource tool may help clinicians better manage childhood overweight- and obesity-related comorbidities, according to research presented at the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) 2017 National Conference.

Bobbe Mansfield, DNP, FNP-BC, from the Washburn University School of Nursing, and colleagues sought to identify the best evidence for screening, treatment, and referral related to overweight- and obesity-related comorbidities. They developed a comprehensive algorithm, The Childhood Overweight and Obesity Comorbidities Resource, to better manage these comorbidities.

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The investigators identified 35 articles and guidelines and ranked them according to the strength of evidence using Polit and Beck’s Evidence Hierarchy (levels I-VII). Five articles met the level VII criteria, defined as expert opinion or committee consensus statements.

The researchers used these resources to construct new algorithms for comorbidities in these conditions. Existing algorithms, including those for pediatric hypertension or polycystic ovarian syndrome, were used but not modified. The new and established algorithms were consolidated into The Childhood Overweight and Obesity Comorbidities Resource.

The authors note that the resource tool will help clinicians better recognize and manage multiple complex comorbidities and bridge the gap when pediatric subspecialists are not readily available. The algorithm offers the “opportunity for practitioners to deliver comprehensive, consistent preventative care to their overweight and obese pediatric patients in the primary care setting,” they wrote.

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