The lack of diversity among nursing faculty is clear, with racial/ethnic minority groups accounting for only 10% of nursing faculty and even fewer leadership positions, researchers said during a poster session at the inaugural conference of DNPs of Color, held virtually October 23, 2021. The authors reviewed the literature and identified actionable steps to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) for nursing students.

“Current barriers to achieving health equity start with increasing diversity and inclusion among students, faculty, staff, and leadership in nursing,” said coauthor Angel Daniels, DNP, MSN.ed, RN, CCM, associate professor and Post Licensure and General Education Program Chair at Bon Secours Memorial College of Nursing in Richmond, Virginia. “While significant strides have been made to increase diversity within the [nursing] profession, current national demographics and projected changes indicate that continuous efforts must continue to attract faculty from all backgrounds.”

This study was designed to examine barriers to achieving equity in recruiting, promoting, and retaining diverse faculty in nursing education.

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Angel Daniels, DNP, MSN.ed, RN, CCM

Disadvantages Faced by Minority Nursing Students

Findings from the authors’ literature review indicate that minorities attending primarily White institutions can often feel alone and isolated, experience emotional distress, experience implicit bias and micro/macroaggressions, receive less support for their research or teaching endeavors, and experience greater challenges to achieving promotion and/or tenure.

The authors proposed actionable steps to attract nursing faculty from all backgrounds and promote a more inclusive environment for nursing students of racial/ethnic minority groups (Table 1).

Table. Actionable Steps for Creating a Diverse Educator Workforce

• Incorporate a well-defined DEI academic mission statement
• Integrate DEI concepts in nursing program curricula
• Create a diverse administrative leadership structure
• Implement policies and procedures related to recruitment, admission, and progression of faculty and students
• Collect meaningful data to systematically review efforts to advance DEI initiatives
• Utilize marketing strategies that incorporate explicit language communicating a commitment to DEI
• Develop a DEI strategic plan
• Focus on promoting DEI in recruiting, promoting, and retaining diverse faculty
• Establish an office, representative, or task force that coordinates DEI initiatives on campus
• Form multicultural collaborative community partnerships
DEI, diversity, equity, inclusivity (inclusion)
Rani Sangha, DNP, MSN.ed, MBA, RN

A diverse nursing workforce is needed to provide quality, culturally competent patient care, Dr Daniels said. “Faculty and students from various backgrounds should feel welcomed and supported in nursing education programs that include a curriculum designed to meet the needs of all populations,” concluded Dr Daniels and coauthor Rani Sangha, DNP, MSN.ed, MBA, RN.


Daniels A, Sangha R. Promoting DEI in nursing education: beginning with a diverse nurse educator workforce. Poster presented at: DNPs of Color Virtual Conference 2021; October 23, 2021.