One of the most memorable patients that I had the honor of caring for developed a rare calf sarcoma. This patient was a robust, energetic and caring family man who developed a calf lump that rapidly expanded and was ultimately treated for a spindle cell carcinoma.
This patient, who had previously been in great health, had sustained a heart attack prior to his cancer diagnosis.

What made this patient so memorable was his attitude in the midst of a life-threatening cancer that ravaged his body.  This man was deeply devoted to family, friends and coworkers. His faith in God, which he held strongly, was inspiring. I recall once talking to his wife. She described her husband’s love for God and the gratitude he expressed at having been given one more beautiful day each night when they prayed together.
I witnessed the patient’s gradual decline in health, as his body did not respond well to the chemotherapy.  Ever gracious and cheerful this man demonstrated an uncommon love of life, yet understood the mortality that eventually took his life. This man left behind an incredible legacy for all to emulate, and I look forward to reuniting one day in Heaven.