According to a new survey of 3,102 U.S. physicians conducted on Sermo, the largest online physician community, 87% report they are more inclined to support a health-care reform bill that includes malpractice reform.

In the same survey, 94% of physicians say defensive medicine has led them to order unnecessary tests or procedures. One of the respondents said, “I practice defensive medicine every day. And I know it. And the only apology/explanation I make for it is that I do it because I have to. To not practice defensive medicine in our current tort climate is to risk licensure, and career.”

Specifically, when asked what meaningful malpractice reform would mean:

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  • 88% say there should be caps on pain and suffering damages
  • 84% say there should be accountability for expert witnesses
  • 83% say there should be caps on attorney profits
  • 82% say there should be limits on non-economic damages
  • 82% say there should be special medical courts with a jury of medical experts