Utah has become the first state to adopt the PA Licensure Compact when Governor Spencer Cox signed Senate Bill 35 into law.  The bill addresses professional licensing issues across several industries and professions and, most notably, includes the PA Licensure Compact, according to Angela Shuman, VP of State Advoacy and Outreach at AAPA.

The Utah bill was signed the same day as Senate Bill 36, which gave Full Practice Authority to nurse practitioners. Utah became the 27th state to adopt the bill.

The PA Licensure Compact model legislation was introduced in November 2022, ahead of the 2023 legislative session. The Licensure Compact model would remove the requirement for PAs to be supervised by a physician and replace it with a requirement to have an ongoing collaborative agreement with a physician or employer. “In order for the compact to become active, 7 states need to adopt the compact language through legislation. When this occurs, a commission will be established to set up essential processes and administer the new compact,” said AAPA.

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On March 2, 2023, Colorado Senate Health and Human Services Committee voted to advance Senate Bill 83 to the full Colorado Senate. Several other states are working diligently on PA Licensure Compact bills for the 2023 legislative session as well. Minnesota, Ohio, Rhode Island, and Texas have each introduced bills to adopt the compact in their respective states.

The PA Licensure Compact will make it easier for PAs to practice in multiple states. PAs holding a valid, unencumbered license in one compact state will be able to apply for a “compact privilege” to practice in other compact states, AAPA said. A compact privilege will provide authorization to practice as a PA under that state’s laws and regulations.

Further information on the PA Licensure Compact, model legislation, and other compact resources may be accessed at pacompact.org.


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