Although I have had numerous proud moments, one specific case involved a patient aged 45 years with a large nodular thyroid.  

I referred her to an endocrinologist. The patient underwent a thyroid biopsy of the largest nodule, which was found to be benign. She had follow up visits with the endocrinologist, who managed her nodules and her hypothyroidism.

I continued to see her for her annual gynecologic examinations, and the second year I palpated her thyroid and felt it had enlarged significantly. She reminded me that the biopsy was negative, but I told her that I felt she may need to have a thyroidectomy for full evaluation, because the biopsy is a random sample of one nodule. 

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She went back to the endocrinologist, who basically “gave in” to her, and sent the patient to a surgeon for a thyroidectomy. Surgical pathology demonstrated significant cancer in the posterior bilateral lobes. 

The patient could not thank me enough, and the word spread around the small rural town that her “gynecologist” saved her life!