We had a patient that was referred to us from a case manager. The patient had a traumatic injury years prior and underwent major back surgeries. He became dependent upon his prescription opiates.

The patient attended our program and in one week he had been transferred to Suboxone. Over Father’s Day weekend, he went home to be with his family. I later received an email from the patient’s wife thanking me for “giving us our father and husband back.” She went on to explain that during the past 14 years, the patient had been so medicated that he could not even remember his children’s names. 

The patient’s wife said this was their best Father’s Day in 14 years. The patient was clear headed and remembered everyone’s names. She said it was as if their family was back together once again. The patient is now looking for employment, and his pain levels are tolerable. He is only taking Suboxone at 2mg b.i.d.

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This patient encounter reminded me that our jobs are worth everything that we do. We put lives back together.