One patient visited this provider with an important question regarding a procedure, but really wanted to express his thanks for the years of care.

Through the decades I have been blessed with many memorable and proud moments, but the one that comes to the surface over and over is a patient that took the time to say thanks.

I was in my office when this patient poked his head in. He asked if I had a moment for him to ask my opinion on something.

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I stopped what I was doing, and he explained that he was told he needed a procedure or else he would die. As the conversation unfolded, I became aware that he was not asking my opinion, but rather reporting his concerns and the decision he had come to.

The patient was aged 92 years and felt he had lived a great life. He was concerned about what his quality of life would be even if he did well with the procedure. Would he be able to remember the things he was so passionate about, that already he was finding hard to recall?

As the dialogue went on, I struggled to keep tears from flowing. The patient thanked me for the many years of wonderful care and how much he appreciated me and the staff.

He had decided not to do the procedure and passed within the week. I was humbled by the realization that a patient took his borrowed to stop and express his thanks for years of care.

He had put a lot of thought into his decision. It touched me that it is not a single episode in of itself that stood out for this patient, but the combination of years. I was proud to have been a part of this patient’s care and a better person for having known him.