There is a crisis in the provision of primary care in the United States. If you are a patient, a primary care doctor, an insurer, an employer or a policy maker, this crisis is exceptionally important to you.

The crisis means that Americans do not get the level or quality of healthcare that they deserve and need. This crisis is the major reason that healt care in total is so expensive and why costs keep rising. This crisis needs to be fixed and fixed as quickly as possible. The solution is not too difficult.

What is this crisis? The fundamental problem is a flawed and non-sustainable business model that forces primary care doctors (PCPs) to care for too many patients and as a result not have the time they need to provide high level care. They need time to listen, time to think, time to give quality preventive care and time to coordinate care for those with complex chronic illnesses.

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In other words, they need time to practice at the top of their profession, something they currently are unable to do fully.

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