Greater sedentary time was associated with increased risk of adverse health outcomes including early death, even in those who otherwise exercised regularly, a meta-analysis indicated.

With data pooled from 41 primary research studies, researchers found that long periods of sitting time were positively correlated with all-cause mortality and other outcomes, after adjustment for levels of physical activity, compared with study participants reporting relatively little sitting time:

  • All-cause mortality (hazard ratio, [HR] 1.240; 95% CI 1.09-1.41)
  • Cardiovascular disease mortality (HR, 1.179; 95% CI 1.106-1.257)
  • Cardiovascular disease incidence (HR, 1.143; 95% CI 1.002-1.729)
  • Cancer mortality (HR 1.173; 95% CI 1.108-1.242)
  • Cancer incidence (HR 1.130; 95% CI 1.053-1.213)
  • Type 2 diabetes incidence (HR 1.910; 95% CI 1.642-2.222)

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