Sepracor, Inc., manufacturer of the inhaled beta-agonist Xopenex (levalbuterol), has launched an online network designed to help nurse practitioners and physician assistants care for patients with asthma. The Web site,, was developed with input from NPs and PAs; it provides users with treatment information, professional training opportunities, and downloadable practice and patient-education tools.

“Sepracor recognizes the invaluable role these health-care professionals play in treating and counseling patients with asthma,” noted Julio Casoy, MD, the company’s senior vice president of clinical research and medical affairs, in a statement announcing the availability of the new Web site. “We’ve committed to providing asthma patients and caregivers with the ongoing support they need.”

Acknowledging that NPs and PAs play a critical, front-line role in asthma treatment, Sepracor has designed the Web site to help these providers communicate as effectively as possible with their asthma patients. The better these patients understand their condition, the more likely they are to comply with therapy and practice self-care.

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NPs and PAs can register for the network online. Clinicians who are already members have described the site as extremely user-friendly and the information and materials provided as exceptional and valuable.