The Clinical Advisor takes a look back at the first half of 2010 by examining the the stories that our readers found most popular. These 10 articles were the most viewed so far on Enjoy.

What lies behind the vitamin D revolution?

Ronald L. Hoffman, MD March 01, 2010

Once known primarily for maintaining bone strength, vitamin D is now thought to contribute to prevention of colon, prostate, and breast cancers.


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Adult depression: Treating by subtype for success

Jennifer L. Berns, MPAS, PA-C February 03, 2010

Instead of attempting to treat the broad categories, primary-care clinicians should focus on symptoms or features that identify a specific subtype.


Vulvar pruritus with no erosions or papules

Payal Patel, MD, and Julia R. Nunley, MD May 01, 2010

A woman with no history of sexually transmitted diseases suffers intense vulvar itching. Hypopigmentation was noted with no erosions or papules.


Oral pathology for the primary-care clinician

Adam Weiss, DDS, Peter Nelson, DDS, and Harry Dym, DDS April 01, 2010

Become familiar with the cause, characteristics, and appropriate treatment of the most frequently seen conditions of the mouth, tongue, and gums.


Erythematous truncal plaques

Sean D. Doherty, MD February 04, 2010

Two patients with erythematous trunk plaques—the first developed eight months earlier, and the other 15 years ago.


Purple eruptions

Noah S. Scheinfeld, MD, JD March 01, 2010

Two patients with purple lesions and no other abnormal skin findings.


Blue fingers linked with breathlessness

Case and analysis by Lawrence J. Kagen, MD January 21, 2010

A physically fit young woman seeks medical care when she develops increasing dyspnea and signs of a circulatory disorder.


New drug options for dementia and Parkinson’s disease

Deborah Downey, CNRN, CNS, ANP May 01, 2010

A thorough understanding of the therapies available to patients with dementia or Parkinson’s disease is essential to improving outcomes.


Vitamin D important for more than bone density

Sherril Sego, MSN, FNP January 04, 2010

An estimated 50% of colon cancers and 30% of breast cancers could be prevented with adequate levels of vitamin D.


Enlarging back and shoulder lesions

Stanley Chan, MD June 01, 2010

Two patients with enlarging lesions—one in a man with no history of skin cancer, and the other in a man with significant actinic damage