Migraine relief may be just one aspirin dose and two hours away for more than half the people suffering from these headaches. A Cochrane Systematic Review of 13 studies involving a total of 4,222 participants has confirmed that a single aspirin dose of 900 mg to 1,000 mg can substantially reduce moderate to severe migraine-headache pain down to no more than mild pain within two hours in 52% of patients. In one in four people following this regimen, the pain will disappear altogether (Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2010;4:CD008041).

In comparison, only 32% of people taking placebo experienced such pain reduction in the given time frame.

According to investigators, adding 10 mg of the antiemetic metoclopramide to the aspirin regimen will substantially reduce nausea and vomiting, although it makes little difference in pain relief. The aspirin/metoclopramide combination had an effect similar to 50 mg of the serotonin agonist sumatriptan, but a 100-mg dose of sumatriptan was slightly more effective at eliminating pain by the two-hour mark.

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