Well, I survived the first week of classes! Now I know what they meant by an “accelerated” nursing school program. Over the past four days, I’ve had eight three to four hour classes. I’m sure all 160 students felt a little bit overwhelmed at one point in the week. Hopefully, we will all make it through this “boot camp” summer.

In our skills lab, we learned how to give bed baths. The professors and clinical instructors showed us how to clean patients from head to toe and front to back. We also learned how to place a bedpan and change the patient’s the bed sheets and gown. When the professors started talking about feces and urine (right after lunch, of course), I did get a little grossed out. But then the clinical instructor said, “I know you guys are going to feel uncomfortable, but imagine how the patients feel when they cannot do basic things like going to the restroom by themselves.” That really brought home the humility and compassion that comes with the nursing profession.

Clinical rotations start in the second week. I was placed in a stroke unit. I’m pretty excited! I’ll let you know how it goes. For now, I will leave you with a cool Web site my Advanced Physiology professor showed during class. Such a creative way to learn! Take a look at the brains of mice on drugs.

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