This past week I’ve been in South Beach at the American Association for Justice Convention. It’s always great to get down to one of my favorite places in the country, but I’m extremely appreciative of this trip because I had the opportunity to meet over 1,500 trial attorneys in one place.

I continue to be amazed at the varying degrees of specific litigation areas from aviation to railroad to farmers to civil rights, and that doesn’t even account for all the tort litigation involving pharmaceuticals.

I was able to network one on one with attorneys specific to my region of the country. These attorneys even introduced me to other attorneys to whom they make referrals. For example, if a California attorney has a case against a New Jersey pharmaceutical company, they give a referral to a New Jersey attorney. If you keep your eyes and ears open and network with attorneys all across the country you can get additional business. You might also be asked to partake in private parties because you have the knowledge and expertise these attorneys need, so you better be prepared! Don’t miss this opportunity.

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Having a legal nurse’s perspective at a conference where no physicians are present  has landed me invitations to events where extremely successful trial attorneys discussed opportunities for work. These attorneys value a legal nurse’s input,specifically scientific knowledge presented in a quick and factual no-nonsense manner. Before you go to a conference like this research the attorneys that will be there and their areas of expertise so you can craft a quick 30-second pitch about the skills you can offer in their medicalolegal cases.

As always dress to impress, carry business cards and be prepared to spend hours before and after the meeting sessions to mingle and socialize.

This was just one convention, but being among the best trial attorneys in the country was one of the most amazing experiences learning the ropes of dynamic attorney referrals and networking. Now, I am looking forward to expanding my legal nurse consulting survives beyond the Pennsylvania area to gain more business. And the tan that I’m bringing back home to the cold Northeast is just a bonus!