My alarm went off this morning at 5 A.M. It was the first day of classes, and I wanted to make sure was on time. I was definitely nervous getting ready. It’s been awhile since I’ve attended a lecture. I wasn’t sure if I even remembered how to take notes. Pharmacy school was pretty tough, but did I have it in me to survive an accelerated nursing program? The Columbia University School of Nursing provides a combination degree program, which offers graduates a BSN/MS on graduation. The first year will definitely be a trying one.

I had two classes on my first day – Physical Assessment and Issues in Nursing Practice. I didn’t get out until 4 P.M. with only a short break lunch in between. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if I could sit through a four-hour lecture. The professors explained how to assess adult patients as a registered nurse vs. a nurse practitioner. We discussed how to communicate with other health-care providers, patients, and colleagues within the hospital. I enjoyed the lectures, and the day went by quickly. It is still a little overwhelming, but I’ll survive. Only 364 days to go!