There are two musts for legal nurse consultants looking to grow their business: networking and continuing education opportunities. There are many ways to explore both of these, but consider tradeshow exhibiting as an exciting way to market your LNC business using face-to-face networking.

LNCs typically exhibit at conferences and events where attorneys are present in large numbers, particularly trial attorneys. Face it, you want the business, then get out and present what you do every day: network, network, network. Exhibiting does require investing time and money, but experienced legal nurses have told me they have gained legal cases on-site. What a great way to land cases immediately!

Exhibiting does require putting together a quality package that showcases your unique business services and products. Some things to consider having readily available at your exhibit booth are sample displays of your work product, testimonials from team members (such as subcontractors that have worked closely with you, who are well versed in your business style), business cards, posters and pictures that show the professionalism of your business, as well as promotional products displaying your business contact information.

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Bring your LNC personality to the forefront, and market the experienced medicolegal nurse that you are by discussing what your potential clients need and how you can provide services for them. I recommend you attend an exhibit and view some of the LNC booths to get an idea of what looks professional. I strongly believe in the words “See. Do. Teach,” and this is a great example. You can learn more about tradeshow exhibiting in general and how to use it as a marketing tool, here.

Next, you will want to find out where the attorney conferences and exhibits are located, and there are MANY! I suggest you look at websites for national legal organizations, such as the American Trial Lawyers Association and the American Association for Justice. You can also exhibit at your own LNC association conferences.

Many exhibitions also feature continuing education opportunities. I suggest that you take advantage of these courses, specifically those that cover areas where you feel your business is heading or in which you desire more education to meet your business plans.

Make attending exhibitions part of your annual business plan and if you like exhibiting, there are many available to you. You might be surprised that there may even one be in your hometown.

As always, feel free to contact me with your comments and questions.