HealthDay News — A low allergenic hydrolyzed egg (HydE) preparation seems to be safe for use in egg-allergic children, according to a study published online April 5 in Allergy.

Stavroula Giavi, MD, from the University of Athens in Greece, and colleagues examined the safety and efficacy of HydE preparation administered to egg-allergic children. Twenty-nine egg-allergic patients (aged 1 to 5.5 years) were administered HydE (15 patients) or placebo daily for 6 months in a blinded randomized manner.

The researchers found that all patients randomized to HydE tolerated the full dose on day 1, and from the start, received the maintenance dose at home. There was no statistically significant difference on the final oral food challenge (OFC) (negative OFC for 36% and 21% of the treatment and placebo groups, respectively). Over time, there was an increase in specific immunoglobulin G4 levels, and significantly greater decreases in CD203c+ and CD63+ basophils, in the treatment versus placebo group.

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“HydE can be regarded as a safe, low allergenic product to use in children allergic to egg,” the authors write. “Although not significant, HydE given for 6 months increased numerically the proportion of patients becoming tolerant to egg. HydE induced a modulation of the immune response toward better tolerance.”

Several authors are or were employees of Nestec.


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