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Growing Patch on Side of Nose

A 64-year-old man with a history of numerous nonmelanoma skin cancers presents with a lesion on the left side of his nose that was first noticed about 6 months ago and is slowly growing. Can you make the diagnosis?

DermDx: Itchy Rash on Back

A 34-year-old man is referred for treatment of a persistent eruption on his chest and back that was treated with oral doxycycline, minocycline, and ampicillin without success. Can you make the diagnosis?

DermDx: Nonitchy Facial Rash

An 8-year-old boy suddenly develops a nonitchy facial rash. During the initial teledermatology consultation, it was learned that the eruption first appeared 3 days earlier. What is the most likely diagnosis?

DermDx: Scalp Lesions With Drainage and Lymphadenopathy

A 2-year-old boy presents to a health center after a recent emergency department (ED) visit for evaluation of persistent scalp lesions. On physical examination, the scalp lesions have visible drainage with honey-colored crusting, hair loss, and lymphadenopathy. Can you make the correct diagnosis?
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