DocuSol Kids has been made available by Alliance Labs for the over-the-counter (OTC) treatment of general constipation in children 2–12 years of age.

Each DocuSol Kids mini-enema (5mL) contains a delivered dose of docusate sodium 100mg in a polyethylene glycol base. The soft flexible tip allows for easy rectal usage under adult supervision. According to the product information, results are typically seen within 2–15 minutes.

Each box of DocuSol Kids include 5 mini-enemas. The product can be purchased at local retailers as well as online.

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In addition to the pediatric formulation, the product line includes Docusol (docusate sodium 283mg) mini-enemas and DocuSol Plus (docusate sodium 283mg, benzocaine 20mg) mini-enemas for adults 12 years and older. 

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