HealthDay News — Using his executive powers, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has ordered a ban on most flavored electronic cigarettes in the state.

Noting that flavored e-cigarettes are attractive to young people, all flavors, except menthol, will be taken off the market, CNN reported. The exception for menthol was made because it might help people who smoke menthol cigarettes quit, Cuomo said. He did not rule out that menthol might be added to the ban later on, however.

At a press briefing Sunday, Cuomo said that flavored e-cigarettes account for 68% of those sold in New York. Citing what he called the federal government’s inaction, Cuomo said that he also plans to ask for a law barring marketing of e-cigarettes to kids and teens, CNN reported.

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“I’m not waiting for the federal government to come protect the people of the state of New York. I’ve been disappointed time and time and time again,” he said. “So, our destiny is in our own hands, and we’re taking action.”

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