HealthDay News — Two-thirds of US adults have received or intend to receive an influenza vaccination this flu season, according to a survey released by the University of Georgia (UGA).

Glen Nowak, director of the UGA Center for Health and Risk Communication in Athens, and colleagues conducted a survey of 1027 US adults in December 2020.

According to the results of the survey, 43.5% of respondents reported having already received a flu vaccination, with an additional 13.5% stating they “definitely will get one” and 9.3% stating they “probably will get one.” This increase in vaccination, which was only 48.4% in 2019-2020, was driven by people 60 years and older, of whom 61.5% said they already received the influenza vaccine, 12% said they “would definitely get it,” and 5.8% said they “would probably get it.”

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“These results strongly suggest the United States will be crossing an important threshold this flu season, which is over half of US adults getting a flu vaccination,” Nowak said in a statement.

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