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Internalized Stigma Sets Up Barriers to Mental Health Care

The authors examined 3 hypotheses: internalized stigma would be a stronger predictor of barriers to seeking mental health care than perceived stigma, alienation would be a stronger predictor of barriers than other components, and depression severity would modify the relationship of depression stigma and barriers to care.

Patients with Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn Disease Demonstrate Increased Risk for Psychiatric Illnesses

For both patients with ulcerative colitis and those with Crohn disease, psychiatric diagnoses were more common in those who were elderly (greater than 65 years old), women, and white, and those with psychiatric conditions more frequently had a history of alcohol abuse, tobacco and substance abuse, personality disorder, and corticosteroid use.

Study Finds Screening for Social Needs Lacking in Hospitals and Practices

Social needs — including food, housing, utilities, transportation — and exposure to interpersonal violence are well known to be linked to health outcomes. In fact, up to 90% of health outcomes are a result of social, behavioral, and economic factors.1 However, few hospitals or practices screen patients comprehensively for the aforementioned factors that affect health…
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