HealthDay News — Flammable over-the-counter wart removers have started fires, injuring at least 10 people in recent years, according to the FDA.

Since 2009, the agency has received 14 reports about some cryogenic wart removers. In several cases, combustion occurred when the products — a mixture of liquid dimethyl ether and propane — were used near a candle.

Ten people have suffered singed hair, blisters, burns or skin redness, the agency said. In three of the reports to the FDA, there was a candle nearby. But no ignition source was identified in the other 11 reports.

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“This is extremely concerning, especially because people may not be aware that everyday household items like curling irons and straight irons can be hot enough to be an ignition source for these products,” Karen Nast, RN, an FDA nurse consultant, said in a press release.

In the incidents reported to the FDA, the wart remover dispenser generally caught fire when it was releasing the mixture. Clinicians can recommend in-office wart removal to patients, or other OTC treatments available for use at home, such as topical applications of salicylic acid, which soften or loosen warts so they fall off or can be easily removed.

Problems related to cryogenic wart removal devices should be reported using the FDA’s MedWatch alert system.

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