HealthDay News — Apps for managing diabetes and calculating the risk of cardiovascular disease are among the top 10 apps healthcare providers recommend to their patients, according to researchers at Medical Economics.

Many clinician-endorsed apps are related to diabetes management and include Diabetes, iCookbook Diabetic, Diabetes In Check and Glucose Companion, all of which allow patients to monitor their condition, track their food consumption, access diabetes-friendly recipes to plan meals, and track their blood sugar and weight. The apps also allow patients to create a record of their tracking results to share with their healthcare provider.

Also among the top health apps are ones related to cardiovascular health and gastrointestinal disorders. The iCalcRisk app encourages patients to adopt healthier lifestyles by calculating their cardiac risk, while the Blood Pressure Monitor and HeartWise Blood Pressure Tracker apps aid patients in monitoring their BP, resting heart rate and weight.

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Tummy Trends, for patients with constipation and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), helps patients track their IBS symptoms, exercise habits, water intake, fiber intake, and stress levels and share the results with their physician.

For general health, clinicians are recommending the iTriage app, which allows patients to access health information to check their symptoms and easily locate a physician or hospital in the event of an emergency. Lastly, Mayo Clinic Health Community offers patients access to an online health community where they can connect with other patients experiencing similar health issues.

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