HealthDay News — Medical Economics has named the top 100 electronic health record (EHR) systems based primarily on company revenue.

Noting that the future viability of EHR systems is becoming increasingly important to healthcare providers, Daniel R. Verdon discusses the financial health of companies operating in the EHR sector. Using survey data, interviews with company officials, web searches, annual report reviews and press releases, the financial health of companies was assessed and the top 100 companies were listed, based on revenue.

The author notes that obtaining basic financial information about the companies was difficult, and sometimes impossible. Considerable challenges were encountered to understand the system’s functionality, capabilities and platforms.

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Although some companies believe in the product and services they are marketing and make information easily available for healthcare providers to evaluate, many companies make this process difficult.

“If you find yourself shopping for an EHR system for the first time, or because you are filing for an EHR divorce, be sure to ask about the financial health of the operation, number of other providers in the system, and how the system will handle Meaningful Use 2 requirements if not already certified,” Verdon writes.

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