For Physician Assistants

  1. The American Academy of Physicians Assistants @AAPAorg

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The official Twitter of the American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA) focuses on the unique talent that both PAs and PA students bring to the medical field. They engage their audience with questions, job postings, contests, and PA facts. They’re a good source of medical news as well, but expect it to be geared toward PAs.

  1. Physician Assistants @PhysicianAssistant

Physicians Assistants is primarily a resource for medical news. Their news tweeting is more balanced than some of the other Twitters on this list; there is more general health care news with PA-specific topics peppered in.

  1. PA Professional magazine @PAProNOW

The Twitter account behind PA Professional, a magazine published by AAPA. While there is some overlap between @PAProNOW and @AAPAorg, @PAProNOW tweets enough distinct content to warrant following both feeds. PA Professional aims to deliver non-clinical news to PAs, including topics of laws, legislation, reimbursement, and professional practice concerns.

  1. Physician Assistant Education Association @PAEAonline

The official Twitter of the Physician Assistant Education Association (PAEA). It’s aimed primarily at PA students and those involved with PA education programs, with some general PA information dispersed throughout. If you’re a PA student, it’s useful to note that this Twitter alerts its followers of scholarship and fellowship opportunities.