For General Medical Resources

  1. Kevin Pho, MD @kevinmd

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Kevin Pho, MD, is often referred to as “Social Media’s Leading Physician Voice,” and his tweets are relevant to all medical practitioners and health care professionals.

He has his own blog,, where he comments on the most recent and relevant topics in medicine today, including the cost of care, communicating with patients, and practice management issues. He has recently written a book titled, Establishing, Managing, and Protecting Your Online Reputation: A Social Media Guide for Physicians and Medical Practices, which is a great resource for any medical professional who is looking to engage in social media but it questioning exactly how to do it.

  1. Mayo Clinic @MayoClinic

The Mayo Clinic’s official Twitter provides updates on the latest medical research, news, and treatments. They’ll also tweet about the clinic’s history, testimonials from patients, and their latest events. If you’re a fan of the weekend Mayo Clinic Radio program, you can tweet your questions with #MayoClinicRadio to ask the experts.

  1. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention @CDCgov

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is your Twitter headquarters for the latest updates on disease outbreaks in the United States. They offer tips for both healthcare professionals and the general public to prevent and prepare for diseases. You’ll find the latest news updates and safety precautions to stay as up-to-date as possible on outbreaks.

  1. MedPage Today @MedPageToday

MedPage Today’s tweets appeal to a wider audience than some of the other Twitters on this list, as evidenced by their large follower count. It’s easy to see why – the news they deliver isn’t medical professional-specific, so it appeals to the general public as well. Their take on medical news is one that’s very broad (albeit less specific than others), so it’s worth a follow to see what’s going on across all the medical fields.

While you’re tweeting, don’t forget to follow The Clinical Advisor on Twitter (@ClinicalAdvisor), which is updated throughout the day with the latest features, news, and opinion for primary-care nurse practitioners and physician assistants, and (@myCME) for the latest CME courses.