The Meaningful Use certified electronic health records (HER) platform drchrono is also adding an Apple Watch app to their repertoire, joining the iPhone and iPad EHR and Patient Check-in apps.

With the new Apple Watch app, clinicians can communicate in real-time with patients and other healthcare providers and view patient health records and prescription refill requests.

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Unique to the drchrono EHR Apple Watch app are the viewing modes: “glance” for quick mode of a schedule snapshot, “short look notifications” for chats or messages, and “long look notifications” for full app view.

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For clinicians, obtaining lab results is one piece of the patient care puzzle; evaluating this data for risk factors that could indicate a specific disease or condition is even more important. the myHDL for Physicians app presents clinicians with biomarker diagnostic test results on the Apple Watch that include color-coded risk indicators (red, yellow, or green based on the individual test) and short- and long-term trends in patient data. The app can pull diagnostic test results on lipids, inflammation oxidation, genetics, and more.

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