Oregon and Washington top WalletHub’s “2014′s Best & Worst States for Nurses” list, while Southern regions states Mississippi and Louisiana ranked last of among the 50 states and the District of Columbia.

“The nursing industry is expected to grow far faster than the average occupation through 2022,” wrote WalletHub, “and the various day-to-day demands placed on nursing professionals are indeed profession-specific.”

WalletHub based their list off of several factors, including most nurse job openings, highest annual salaries (adjusted for cost of living) and lowest competition.

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While D.C. offered the highest number of job openings, it offers some of the lowest salaries in the country and the highest ratio of nurses per capita. Reversely, Oregon ranked near the top for opportunity, competition, and work environment.

Stating the transitions under new health care legislation and the aging U.S. population, WalletHub wrote, “[It’s] understandable if recent nursing school grads aren’t sure where to turn once they receive their diploma.”