I’m sorry, you can’t equate antibiotics with vaccines [The Waiting Room blog, “Are Immunizations Negotiable,” Oct. 22, 2015, www.clinicaladvisor.com] as, presumably, you are giving antibiotics when a patient is already sick. Not so with vaccines. Apples and oranges. Using an analogy that makes sense would go a long way in educating the public.

Also, yes, I believe in harm reduction. You cannot forcefully push the parents out of the room and vaccinate their child. If slow will get the job done, then slow it is.—JEN BEECKMAN, NP, Pleasanton, Calif. (205-2)

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Editors Note: The image associated with this article was updated on November 11, 2015. Appropriate administration of the human papillomavirus quadrivalent vaccine is in the deltoid region of the upper arm.