December 2016 Issue of Clinical Advisor

December 2016 Issue of Clinical Advisor


New clinical practice guidelines for red blood cell transfusion

The AABB evaluated studies that examined hemoglobin thresholds for red blood cell transfusion and red blood cell storage duration.

CDC approves HPV vaccine in 2 doses for preteens

Children younger than 15 may be given 2 HPV vaccine doses instead of 3, and the shots should be spaced at least 6 months apart.

USPSTF recommends primary care breastfeeding intervention support

The USPSTF reviewed evidence on the benefits and harms of breastfeeding support interventions.

Long-term oxygen therapy not beneficial for COPD patients with moderate desaturation

Long-term supplemental oxygen has no benefit in patients with stable COPD and resting or exercise-induced moderate desaturation.

AAP updates recommendations for SIDS and safe infant sleeping environment

A safe sleep environment can prevent suffocation and strangulation, two major causes of sudden infant death.

ADA issues new diabetes guidelines for physical activity and exercise

The ADA releases its first independent recommendations on physical activity and exercise for all patients with diabetes.

USPSTF releases draft recommendation for obesity screening in children and adolescents

The USPSTF recommends that children and adolescents older than age 6 years should be screened for obesity.

Advisor Forum

Diagnosing Lyme disease in the early clinical stages

Early Lyme disease is a clinical diagnosis, and a negative blood test does not completely rule out the possibility of Lyme disease.

Monitoring vital signs and exercise

Asking for a patient's exercise regimen should be incorporated when checking for basic vital signs.

Educating patients on the proper use of contraception

Unplanned pregnancies can occur when a patient misunderstands the proper use of contraception.

Premature thelarche in a young girl

Premature thelarche can often be confused with precocious puberty and will resolve over time without intervention.

Picking cherries leads to a case of pseudohyperglycemia

The elevated blood glucose measurement was associated with the presence of fructose on the patient's fingers from picking cherries.

Cover Feature

Diabetic peripheral neuropathy: an overview

Often underreported and undertreated, outcomes can be improved in this condition with appropriate screening and diagnosis.

Clinical Feature

Drone-delivered health care in rural Appalachia

Nurse practitioners make history with the first FAA-approved drone delivery of medications in the United States.


Teen pregnancy prevention program

The program strives to modify teen attitudes toward sexuality and bring about life-changing behavior.

Alternative Meds Update

Cloves effective for treating oral cavity pain

Cloves, most commonly known in foods, are also excellent sources for treating pain in the oral cavity.

Legal Advisor

Chest pain in a woman

A woman has a myocardial infarction after her chest symptoms are misdiagnosed as acid reflux.

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