February 2018 Issue of Clinical Advisor

February 2018 Issue of Clinical Advisor


AAFP does not endorse new hypertension guideline

The AAFP continues to use the 2014 JNC8 guideline instead of the 2017 AHA/ACC update.

Vitamin D, calcium supplements do not reduce fracture risk in older adults

Findings do not support routine vitamin D and calcium supplementation in community-dwelling older adults for lowering the incidence of osteoporosis-related fractures.

Mild cognitive impairment: a practice guideline update

The American Academy of Neurology has released updated guideline recommendations for mild cognitive impairment.

Ibuprofen use may compromise reproductive health in men

Increased ibuprofen administration elevates LH and decreases testosterone to LH and inhibin B to FSH ratios in young adult men.

New long-acting bronchodilator use linked to CV risk in COPD patients

Use of long-acting bronchodilators is linked to cardiovascular risks in patients with COPD.

Advisor Forum

Neck and chest pain in a student

A PA reflects on a time when a patient complained of left-sided neck pain and was diagnosed with a 12-cm mass.

Relief for orthostatic hypotension

Patients on particular medications, or with certain underlying medical conditions, may experience orthostatic hypotension when arising from bed or a chair.

A man with sneezing fits

There was no warning, he had no allergies, and they were not associated with any cold symptoms or other conditions.

Wilms tumor in a child

A 2-year-old boy was having worsening daily episodes of explosive diarrhea. He had no fevers, and his appetite and diet were unchanged.

Cover Feature

Managing acute UTIs in postmenopausal women

UTIs present clinically as dysuria, with symptoms of frequent and urgent urination secondary to irritation of the urethral and bladder mucosa.

Clinical Feature

Long-acting reversible contraceptives: a review

Because of the high number of unintended pregnancies and the effectiveness of LARCs, they should be a first-line contraceptive option for most women.

Legal Advisor

Sexual Harassment at Work

A nurse in a VA facility files a complaint against a clinician, which ends with a criminal conviction.

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