July 2017 Issue of Clinical Advisor

July 2017 Issue of Clinical Advisor


Preventing Lyme disease and tick bites: tips from the CDC

Individuals have a higher risk of tick bites and tickborne diseases from May through July.

Screening for thyroid cancer: a recommendation statement from the USPSTF

The USPSTF recommends against screening for thyroid cancer in asymptomatic adults.

Statins vs usual care for primary cardiovascular prevention in older adults

The ALLHAT-LLT trial showed that statin therapy for primary cardiovascular prevention may not benefit adults older than 65 years of age.

Primary biliary cholangitis: A clinical practice guideline

The guidelines facilitate a holistic, lifelong approach to the management of patients with primary biliary cholangitis.

Reducing blood pressure below recommended targets significantly reduces CVD, mortality risk

Blood pressure levels below the recommended targets lower risk of CVD and all-cause mortality.

CDC: Legionnaires' disease widespread in healthcare facilities

About 76% of US jurisdictions reported healthcare-associated cases of Legionnaires' disease.

Advisor Forum

Making a case for developmental trauma disorder

Epigenetics explains the anatomy and physiology behind the central nervous system changes caused by child abuse.

Ortho Dx case: Is it a subungual hematoma or melanoma?

Features of hematoma can often be confused with those of melanoma.

A young girl with Kawasaki disease: Diagnosing a rare disorder

A girl presented to a small town hospital symptoms including fever, bloodshot eyes, red lips, and rash on the palms of her hands.

A tip for removing a ring from a swollen finger

A household cleaner such as Windex can be used to remove a ring from a swollen finger.

Cover Feature

Photosensitivity diseases: a review of sun-exposed skin rashes

An overview of porphyrias, lupus erythematosus, rosacea, drug-induced photosensitivity, polymorphous light eruption, and solar urticaria.

Clinical Feature

Necrotizing myopathy: muscle weakness

Clinicians in all settings are in a position to identify patients with potential myopathic processes and complete an initial diagnostic work-up.

Stat Consult

Stat consult: Minor burns

The most common causes of minor superficial burns are sunburns and minor thermal injuries.

Legal Advisor

Fired for refusing vaccination

A clinician files a lawsuit against her employer after being fired for refusing Tdap immunization.

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