March 2016 Issue of Clinical Advisor

March 2016 Issue of Clinical Advisor


How effective are smoking cessation medications?

Study results showed no significant difference based on the type of smoking cessation option they were given.

Prenatal steroids reduce respiratory complications in late preterm infants

Administering steroids to pregnant women likely to give birth before 37 weeks can reduce infants' risk of respiratory complications.

Minimal benzodiazepine use associated with slightly higher risk of dementia

Patients administered low doses of benzodiazepines have an elevated risk of dementia and Alzheimer's disease compared with patients who received higher doses.

Past marijuana use linked to worse verbal memory later in life

In adults, past exposure to marijuana was associated with worse verbal memory.

USPSTF finds insufficient evidence for autism screening in all children

The USPSTF has found insufficient evidence to support screening all young children for autism spectrum disorder if a parent or clinician has no expressed concerns.

Weighing the benefits and harms of transvaginal mesh

Low- and moderate-quality evidence suggests no difference between artificial mesh and native tissue repair of vaginal prolapse.

Diabetes drug may lower risk of recurrent stroke, MI in insulin-resistant patients

Although pioglitazone decreased the risk of stroke and myocardial infarction in this population, it elevated the risk of weight gain, edema, and bone fracture.

MI risks, symptoms different in women compared with men, per AHA

Women and men experience different symptoms, risks, and outcomes of myocardial infarction.

Benefit of fiber intake not equal in IBD patients

Patients with Crohn disease who ate high-fiber foods were 40% less likely to have a disease flare.

Penicillin allergy and the risk for chronic hives

Prevalence of self-reported penicillin allergy was 3 times greater among those with chronic hives.

Once-weekly GLP-1RAs beneficial for type 2 diabetes

Once-weekly GLP-1RAs reduced HbA1c and fasting plasma glucose.

Advisor Forum

No thanks, on full practice authority

A clinician weighs in on the potential harms of full practice authority for Nurse Practitioners.

MRI after breast cancer diagnosis

Despite the guideline, clinicians may choose to order MRI's for patients with dense breasts.

A side effect of the flu vaccine?

A clinician questions wonders if there is a connection between cardiac arrhythmia and the flu vaccine.

Hair loss after steroid injections

A patient begins rapidly losing her hair after an epidural steroid injection.

Steroid and rescue inhalers

A clinician offers a tip helping patients remember to use their steroid inhalers.

Clinical Feature

Cryptogenic organizing pneumonia

Patients with COP generally have positive outcomes following a definitive diagnosis and the initiation of appropriate treatment.


Keep the care in care coordination

In a patient-centric model of care, the effort focuses on the patient's wishes.

Alternative Meds Update

Bright light therapy effectively treats psoriasis, acne

Bright light therapy may be safe and effective in children and adolescents.

Stat Consult

Stat Consult: Acute sinusitis in children and adolescents

Acute sinusitis is common, affecting 6% to 7% of children presenting with respiratory symptoms.

Legal Advisor

Heart attack misdiagnosed as heartburn

A clinician turns away a man looking for assistance before a walk-in clinic is open for the day.

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