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As opioid prescription rates decrease, overdose deaths remain the same: Is this progress?

A national push to decrease opioid prescription rates has not led to a net decrease in overdose deaths. Has progress been made?

Oxycontin for 11-year-olds? I'm okay with it

The FDA approval of a pediatric indication for Oxycontin creates a safer situation for terminally ill children.

Overcoming nocturnal leg cramps

Nocturnal leg cramps are a relatively common complaint, but there is little research on treatments.

Could a sleep disorder be causing your patient's migraines?

If your patient complains of ongoing headaches, especially upon waking from sleep, consider obstructive sleep apnea as a possible cause.

Managing sleep issues in patients with chronic pain

A night with inadequate sleep may result in increased pain the next day, which may disrupt sleep even further. Learn how to help patients break this detrimental cycle.

Preventing chronic low back pain

Identifying and modifying risk factors through engaging in preventative health activities is the key to achieving good health from head to toe, and is the backbone of primary care.

Clinician bias in pain care: The emperor and his clothing revisited

A recent study shows that clinician bias leads to unequal pain care in children, but clinician avoidance of why this is so is the real problem.

Detecting sleep abnormalities early helps reduce fibromyalgia risk

Patients with sleep abnormalities are three- to five- times more likely to develop chronic pain from fibromyalgia, research shows.

Establishing patient treatment contracts for managing chronic pain

Pain is the one concern that more often than not prompts people to see a health-care provider, so adequately addressing these complaints can significantly influence the relationship you have with your patients.

GI side effects of pain medication

What are the side effects of fentanyl?

Start out simple with independent medical examinations

If you want to break into the medicolegal world, you might want to consider starting by attending independent medical examinations while subcontracting for another legan nurse consultant.

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