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Selling your patients on health

Proactive disease prevention and health-promoting patient education is a hallmark in the venue of primary-care providers.

Social media in medicine is here to stay

About 34% of consumers in a 2012 survey reported using social media to search for health information.

EHRs: It will get better!

One day health-care providers will wonder how we could have possibly ever gotten by without EHRs.

Will physician assistants and nurse practitioners ever belong?

Despite the positive inroads and contributions that physician assistants and nurse practitioners have made over the past decades, we still face professional opposition.

What to remember when job hunting

Employment opportunities are limited today for many people seeking work, yet health-care needs are on the rise and the demand for nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician assistants (PAs) to care for the country's baby-boomers is increasing.

Step up, speak out — for your own sake

Politics, laws, rules and regulations are the very core of what drives what clinicians can and can't do; it determines reimbursement and therefore your salary. To be blissfully unaware is lazy. To be aware and completely uninvolved is just shameful.

Professionalism doesn't wear sweats

Is professionalism in medicine on the decline? A few months ago I saw a new patient who had transferred from another practice because the physician there wore sweatpants to the patient's last appointment.

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