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Prednisone for mono?

Is there any benefit in treating mononucleosis with a course of prednisone if the size of the tonsils does not interfere with breathing?—TERESA KOWALSKI, MSN, FNP, Dafter, Mich. Steroids, whether oral or parenteral, are of no proven benefit to recovery from mononucleosis. If there is no swelling of the throat, tonsils, or tongue, the benefit…

Preoperative smoking cessation reduces risk of postoperative complications

Level 1: Likely reliable evidenceA recently published systematic review evaluated smoking cessation interventions in nine randomized trials with 1,194 patients undergoing planned surgery (Br J Surg. 2009;96:451-461). Although an overall meta-analysis was reported, the data are more accurately summarized by two subgroups. In one subgroup, two high-quality trials evaluated intensive smoking cessation interventions with four…

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