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Bacteria from pools is a frequent cause of otitis externa.

Keep swimmer’s ear at bay

Most cases of acute otitis externa — swimmer’s ear — can be easily treated with prescription antimicrobial ear drops, but with cases peaking during the summer swimming season, the CDC is dispensing advice aimed at preventing this common and costly condition altogether.

A skin-prick test is used to diagnose IgE-mediated food allergy.

Food allergy guidelines released

Recommendations from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases sets forth 43 clinical recommendations on the diagnosis and management of food allergy.

Pediatricians are advised not to prescribe antibiotics for pharyngitis.

Tips for improving quality of primary care

To improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of health care, the National Physicians Alliance compiled the top five practices in primary care that could be changed to raise the quality of services delivered and to make them more affordable.

Vascular nodules and papules

Vascular nodules and papules

Two patients present with red lesions. A white infant aged 4 months presented with a three-month history of a red, verrucous nodule on his scalp, that grew from a small papule to a 3-cm nodule. A white man aged 50 years who had developed red papules on his legs, arms, chest and abdomen 20 years earlier, noticed that a group of the papules grew together to form a plaque. Can you differentiate between these two patients’ lesions?

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