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Overcoming voiding problems ?in young patients?

Overcoming voiding problems in young patients

[In pediatrics,] first-line treatment for most dysfunctional voiding patients is to vigorously alleviate constipation. This can be done gently with robust daily hydration, mild laxatives, and prompting to the bathroom after mealtimes. This lays an excellent foundation to diminish other correlative symptoms of incontinence, bedwetting, and recurrent urinary tract infections. — Coleen Rosen, DNP, Milwaukee,…

Chest CT may predict cardiovascular risk

Chest CT may predict cardiovascular risk

Although computed tomography (CT) of the chest is generally used for diagnostic purposes, a study in Radiology suggests that incidental findings may identify persons at risk for cardiovascular disease. Pushpa M. Jairam, MD, PhD, and team looked at data from more than 10,000 persons who had undergone diagnostic chest CT for various noncardiovascular reasons. During…

An easier path to punch biopsy ?of the scalp?

An easier path to punch biopsy of the scalp

Performing punch biopsies of the scalp can be very difficult due to increased blood supply in that area. Injecting saline into the biopsy site after injecting lidocaine and prior to taking punch biopsy can help make this easier. — Maria Bips, PA-C, Asheville, N.C. (189-5)
 These are letters from practitioners around the country who want…

For throat swabs, don't call ?off the dogs?

For throat swabs, don’t call off the dogs

When swabbing your patient’s throat, have the patient “pant like a dog” while you’re getting the swab. Breathing that fast prevents the gag reflex from taking over and you’ll get an accurate swab and a laugh from your patients, especially the pediatric patients. It’s a fun trick to show off and you’ll get better results.…

Some BP meds may affect vision

Some BP meds may affect vision

Of the patients, 19.1% of those using vasodilator medication developed early-stage AMD, compared with an estimated 8.2% of persons not taking such drugs.

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