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Vasomotor rhinitis and allergic conjunctivitis

Lymph node clues to conjunctivitis

When assessing red eyes, feel for pre-auricular lymph node enlargement. The presence of pre-auricular lymphadenopathy is usually indicative of viral conjunctivitis, not bacterial conjunctivitis. — Robert Mitchelson, PA, Maricopa, Ariz. (188-7) These are letters from practitioners around the country who want to share their clinical problems and successes, observations and pearls with their colleagues. We…

Cold comfort for recurrent nosebleeds

Removing objects from the nose

To painlessly remove a foreign body from the nose, obtain an infant Foley catheter and apply K-Y Jelly. Insert into the nose beyond the foreign body. Blow up the balloon at the tip and gently pull out. Generally, the balloon will remove the foreign body as the balloon is pulled out. — Sally Kreger, APRN,…

Novel triple-drug HCV combo achieves high SVR

A solid plan for written plans

When providing a written management plan for patients with chronic disease, place the plan in the patient’s hands. It should be in a larger font, with treatment changes or updates bulleted by chronic disease. When you review the plan with the patient, don’t ask, “Do you understand?” Instead, say, “To make sure that I have…

Self-monitoring for HTN awareness

The prevalence of hypertension is increasing, especially in my home state of Mississippi.  One problem with hypertension is the absence of symptoms. Individuals in rural areas experience many difficulties in accessing health-care services, so what I am doing in my practice is prescribing self-monitoring of blood pressure, either with a home device or through a…

Testing for closed head injury

Explaining loss of consciousness

When interviewing parents and adolescents about sports participation, it is important to get a thorough history of possible concussive events. Many parents will report, “Oh, he/she hit her head but didn’t black out. It’s important to educate them to the signs of concussion: loss of consciousness (LOC); alteration of consciousness (AOC), including dizziness, seeing stars,…

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