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Coffee can boost older people’s CV health

YOUR PATIENTS can enjoy that extra cup of coffee, especially if they’re over 40. A pair of recent studies link heavy coffee consumption to cardiovascular (CV) health in older people. Researchers at Brooklyn College in New York found the more caffeine people older than 65 consumed, the less likely they were to die of CVD.…

Early, intense therapy best for arthritis

If your approach to rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is “start low, go slow” because of concerns about drug toxicities and overtreatment, you may be too cautious. A large Dutch study shows that early, intense therapy gives patients better results than a gradual, step-up strategy. Clinicians at multiple sites in the Netherlands randomly assigned 508 adults with…

Older diabetics face worst risk of kidney disease

The prevalence of chronickidney disease in the UnitedStates increased from 14.5%in the period 1988-1994 to16.8% during 1999-2004,according to the CDC. Olderpeople and those withdiabetes are by far the mostlikely to develop CKD, as thechart shows. The data werecollected in a series ofNational Health and NutritionExamination Surveys. Source: Morbidity and Mortality WeeklyReport, March 2, 2007, CDC.

Preventive stenting unnecessary, study shows

Patients with chronic angina caused by stable CAD do just as well—if not better—with intensive medical therapy as with balloon angioplasty and stenting, according to a major study at 50 U.S. and Canadian centers. Doctors randomized 2,287 patients with myocardial ischemia and significant CAD to receive either percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) or drug therapy. All…

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