Pulmonology Opinion Archive

A love-hate relationship with CPAP

Invented in the 1980s, continuous positive airway pressure technology is relatively new and continues to evolve and improve.

Sleep apnea is not the only illness that may cause disordered breathing

Early recognition and treatment of sleep arousals could prevent the development of OSA.

Motivate healthy choices with the Transtheoretical Model

Getting patients to make behavior changes that stick can be tough. Treating the change as a process can help.

Suspect post-polio syndrome in older patients with OSA

As the population ages remember that patients who are in their late 50s or older may have had polio as a child. Are you prepared to recognize post-polio syndrome symptoms?

Preventing chronic low back pain

Identifying and modifying risk factors through engaging in preventative health activities is the key to achieving good health from head to toe, and is the backbone of primary care.

Help patients stay on track with 2012 New Year's resolutions

A simple model for change can help you effectively reevaluate your patient's progress towards lifestyle modifications in the new year.

The 100-day cough: clinicians be(a)ware

Only 5.9% of eligible candidates receive the recommended pertussis booster vaccine, and the disease remains one of the leading causes of vaccine-preventable deaths worldwide.

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