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BK4/2.5 (Ca2+ 2.5mEq/L, HCO3- 32mEq/L, K+ 4mEq/L, Mg2+ 1.5mEq/L, Na+ 140mEq/L, HPO42- 1mmol/L, Cl- 114.5mEq/L); B22K4/0 (HCO3- 22mEq/L, K+ 4mEq/L, Mg2+ 1.5mEq/L, Na+ 140mEq/L, HPO42- 1mmol/L, Cl- 122mEq/L); soln for IV inf after reconstitution.
Dermatologic Look-Alikes

Newly developed brown papules

Two patients present with newly developed brown papules. The first patient, a 45-year-old man, presented with a new mole that continues to grow and is associated with occasional pruritus and bleeding. The second patient, a 47-year-old man, presented with a 6-month history of a brown, growing "mole." Can you differentiate between the two?

Controversy continues to fuel the “Lyme War”

As two medical societies battle over its diagnosis and treatment, Lyme disease remains a frequently missed illness. Here is how to spot and treat it. Controversy over the treatment of a particular disease is not uncommon. There are many illnesses for which there are different schools of thought and more than one treatment method—e.g., heart…

Managing acute UTIs in postmenopausal women

UTIs present clinically as dysuria, with symptoms of frequent and urgent urination secondary to irritation of the urethral and bladder mucosa.

When your patients are coughing up blood

Hemoptysis can signal conditions ranging from the mild to life-threatening. Here’s how to determine which cases demand immediate intervention. Hemoptysis is frequently encountered by primary-care clinicians. Most cases are self-limiting or resolve with treatment of an underlying condition. But the expectoration of blood can also be a symptom of an acute or life-threatening illness, such…
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