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Your search for CABG returned 64 results

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Cholesterol Management Guidelines

Recommendations from the American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association Task Force on the management of blood cholesterol.
Cardiovascular Disease Information Center

COVID-19 and Cardiogenic Shock

The authors describe how to diagnose and treat comorbid cardiogenic shock and COVID-19 in this case study.
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Teens misuse pain pills early

Most teenagers who experiment with prescription opioids do so before their senior year in high school.
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Whenever I order arterial blood gases (ABGs), the report includes hemoglobin levels. How do these levels correlate with the hemoglobin levels on a complete blood count (CBC)? Can management decisions be made using these data?—J.C. Fuentes, MD, Houston These are excellent questions, as the ABG results are usually available much more quickly than a traditional…
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