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Building your patient population

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Acute Interstitial Nephritis

Does this patient have acute interstitial nephritis (AIN)? What is the interstitium? the connective tissue surrounding/between the tubules (contains the peritubular capillaries, extracellular matrix and interstitial cells) (Figure 1) Figure 1. Acute interstial nephritis (light microscopy). How do you define interstitial nephritis?Continue Reading Acute kidney injury (AKI) characterized by interstitial inflammation and edema that spares…
Hospital Medicine

Transient ischemic attack

Transient ischemic attack I. What every physician needs to know. The American Heart Association/American Stroke Association defines transient ischemic attack (TIA) as “a transient episode of neurological dysfunction caused by focal brain, spinal cord, or retinal ischemia, without acute infarction.” In the past, TIA was defined simply as a focal ischemic neurologic event lasting less…
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